Geep Photo


A sheep–goat chimera (sometimes called a geep in popular media) is a chimera produced by combining the embryos of a goat and a sheep; (mixing the words into geep) the resulting animal has cells of both sheep and goat origin. A sheep-goat chimera or geep should not be confused with a sheep-goat hybrid, which can result when a goat mates with a sheep.

Geep History

The first sheep-goat chimera was bred in Manumbar, Australia, by Dr R.S White. It was artificially inseminated into three goats and three sheep in the year 1978. Researchers fused a sheep embryo with a goat embryo. The resulting creature was a mosaic of goat and sheep tissue. The parts that grew from the sheep embryo were woolly. Those that grew from the goat embryo were hairy. Beep geep!

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