Lime Cat

Funny Picture of a Cat with a Lime on its Head

Limecat is an internet meme featuring an angry-looking cat with a lime cut to resemble a helmet on its head. This famous picture became a internet sensation meme with thousands of captions were added all over the internet. For some strange reason no one knows the origin of Limecat. It is either because it started on 4chan, or the records were just lost.

Make your own Limecat


  • Lime (But in order to fit the cat’s head, you need a Pomelo, which is basically a giant lime)
  • Cat
  • Knife
  • Camera


  1. Use knife to cut lime into shape of helmet. Notches are optional.
  2. Stick lime on cat’s head
  3. Take picture
  4. Show picture to all your friends so they can laugh at the animal cruelty.

Other Names

“Limecat is not pleased.” Limecat is also known as “Meloncat”, “General Whiskers”, “Helmet cat” and He is also the earliest instance of the meme “X does not approve.”

Other Pictures and Spinoff’s