Lizard Fish

Lizard Fish Deep Sea

Lizard Fish

Found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world at depths of 400m at most. There are around 60 species all with the distinguishing feature of needle like teeth in their mouths and on their tongue, they grow up to 60 cm, prefer living on the sea bed and are often camouflaged to their environments.

The deepsea lizardfish, Bathysaurus ferox, is a lizardfish of the family Bathysauridae, found in tropical and subtropical seas worldwide.

Lizard Fish Appearance

Deepsea lizardfish are covered in tough scales and are dark brown or black with black eyes and a black lining to the mouth and gill cavity.Its length is between 50 and 65 cm.

Both Offshore and Inshore Lizard fish are similar in looks but the Offshore variety are coloured in shades of brown with dark blotches and has a blunter head and larger mouth. Both species have a fine set of teeth.

It has a large mouth with needle-like teeth.

They are small oval or cylinder shaped fishes.

They have mouths that are completely filled with very spiny sharp rather needle like teeth. Strangely enough even their tongues have teeth on them.

There are sixty odd species of lizard fish, and each has the tongue teeth as well.

Lizard fish are what is known as an ambush predator, which will sit on the bottom and wait for their prey to come tot hem before grabbing it in very sharp toothed jaws.

Deep-sea lizardfish are covered in very tough scales and can be dark brown or black as well as a variety of other colorations.

They have black eyes and the lining of their mouths and gill areas are black as well.

The Lizardfish lives on the bottom and ranges in many different habitats. It can live in coral reefs, and also equally well in silt-filled areas of rubble type habitat.

The lizard fish ranges throughout the Indio Pacific area.