Two Headed Turtle

Two Headed Turtle Photo

Two Headed Turtle

A Two-Headed Turtle is quite rare, but when two-headed reptiles occasionally surface, it is the result of conjoined-twin births. BBC: Shell shock at two-headed tortoise

A turtle collector found a two-headed turtle in September 2007 and sold it to Big Al’s Aquarium Supercenter in East Norriton, Pennsylvania. The store owner said that the Two Headed Turtle is not for sale, but will remain on display at the store for customers to observe.  Turtle power boosted by second head

The same collector, an unnamed man from Florida, reportedly sold another Two Headed Turtle to a different Big Al’s store in the late 1980s.  Two-headed turtle goes on display

A two-headed turtle may be a bit more demanding as far as its health and well-being are concerned. But with proper care, it should be just as enjoyable as its single-headed counterpart.

Two Headed Turtle Unique Reptile

The turtle has one head at either end of its body and two pairs of front legs, but only one set of back legs and one tail. The Two Headed Turtle likely would not have survived long in the wild, since it walks and swims awkwardly, which would make it an easy target for predators.