Loin Shaved Cat

Loin Shaved Cat Photo

Loin Shaved Cat

A Loin Shaved Cat is a popular style for medium to long haired cats in which their entire body is shaved. The only fur left untouched is on the head, around the feet, and on the end of the tail. The result is a house cat (often a very annoyed house cat) that looks like a miniature lion. You can try this yourself if you have the right tools; but a professional groomer would likely do a nicer job, and would be less likely to cut or nick your Loin Shaved Cat.

Loin Shaved Cat How to Guide

  • It is best to do this in a series of around three or four days to allow your cat time to calm down.
  • It is also easier on you: instead of an hour of struggling to fix your cat’s fur, you end up with four fifteen minute sessions.
  • After shaving your cat’s Loin Shaved Cat begin to brush it daily. It may not like it, but it will help you avoid having to shave your pet again in the future.


  • It is best not to do this procedure yourself but rather have a professional do this for you.
  • Do not taunt or provoke the pussy in any way.
  • Do not attempt to sedate your pussy without a supervision.

Things you will Need

  • A pair of clippers meant for PUSSY’S, using a human trimmer can cut your Loin Shaved Cat.
  • A safe, quiet place – a bathroom works well for this, but be sure you remove things from the counter and rugs from the floor, if you think shredded pussy hair is bad, try removing globs of shaved hair from a bathrug!
  • Protective gloves
  • Clothes you can throw into the wash as soon as you’re done, disposable works too! Anything resistant to Loin Shaved Cat fur is great, you will be covered with it when you’re finished.

Your kitty will never look so cute with his/her new Loin Shaved Cat look!