Deep Sea Anglerfish

Deep Sea Anglerfish Photo

Deep Sea Anglerfish

The deep sea Angler Fish is a very scary deep sea fish. It has big teethes with a very ferocious appearance. The Angler fish belongs to the order of the Lophiiformes it’s named this way beacuse of their special way of hunting. Angler fishes have many bones, with no flesh attached to them.

The Deep Sea Angler Fish also has photophores (light giving organ) on his esca (bait) and when a fish touches his esca then it’s over. The Deep Sea AnglerFish esca is connected with his mouth reflex! As a result, the creature that touches its esca dies in a fraction of a second. The Deep Sea Angler Fish can easily swallow prays of more then two times his size because of its flexible bones in his body.

Deep Sea Anglerfish Description

The male ceratioid (Angler Fish) has a special developed organ to detect scents in the water. If the male ceratioids matures, then its digestive system will degenerate. This is a big problem because when its digestive system degenerates it makes him incapable to feed independently. The male ceratioids needs to find a Female Deep Sea Anglerfish, if it doesn’t find a femal it dies. Once it has found a female Deep Sea AnglerFish with the help of their special organs that can smell a Female Anglerfish from big distances. They bite the female Deep Sea AnglerFish and as a result it relases an enzyme that will digest the skin of the Female Anglerfish and the mouth of the male. Once it’s attached he releases his sperm in response of the female hormones. The Male actually becomes one with the Female Deep Sea Anglerfish and her blood will flow in his body forever until he or she dies.