Monkey Soldier


Funny Photo of a Monkey Dressed as a Soldier

Monkey Soldier

This is a Funny Photo of a Monkey dressed up as a┬áSolider. No its not the Planet of the Apes (as they were not monkeys) It’s hard enough finding the troops to recruit to go into battle for us, so now we have to recruit mans oldest friend. So we can leave this to your imagination.

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  1. Nialler says:

    if i joined the army, this is what id look like

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  2. Jonny says:

    Okay. Firstly, the “monkey” in this photograph is almost certainly an orang’utan. Secondly, orang’utans are not monkeys at all, but a member of the great apes and do feature in the “Planet of the Apes” series of films. Doctor Zaius himself was an Orang’utan.
    Also, I notice a distinct lack of credit for the original creator of this image.

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