88 Pound Bunny


88 Pound Record Bunny

88 Pound Bunny (115 Lbs)

Bodmin is the bunny that won’t stop growing. At 88lbs and from Essex, England, he is likely to break the world record of 115lbs.

Ralph was then the world’s current record holder.

As the son of the world’s biggest bunny, it was always likely that Ralph the rabbit was going to be a big buck.

But he has well and truly proved a chip off the old block after breaking the record set by his mother Amy – weighing in at more than three stone.

Ralph, a continental giant rabbit, is just 12 months old but already weighs more than Amy did before her death in 2009.

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  1. Samantha says:


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    • Rachel says:

      It’s the breed samantha, it’s called a Flemish Giant, they’re bigger than most dogs and it’s not fat it just keeps growing larger, most rabbits aren’t full grown till they are 2.

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    • elsie says:

      the flemish giant rabbits were specially bred to be extremely large for the purpose of eating them, the bunny is not fat, just large by nature.

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    • AA says:

      Are you talking to yourself ? *Really curious*

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  2. brian says:

    the buny is cool and big

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  3. mary belcourt says:

    would love to own one of them bunnys but due to cancer three times long at 24 and womens in me thirtys well I guess I can’t afford one. But have Hairless american rat terriers and love them all.

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