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Eight Legged Cat

The Gainsborough News (UK) of 4th April 1947, mentioned an article it had run on 31st March 1922; this being a report of a kitten born with 8 legs and 2 heads. The Eight Legged Cat (kitten) had lived for only an hour. There is not much information about this unique Eight Legged Cat so we are still trying to track down the credibility of this article.

Eight Legged Cat in News

Octopussy, the “Amazing Eight Legged Cat” is owned by Shawn Clemons (Wheeling, USA) and though Octopussy died shortly after birth in 2001, its preserved body is exhibited by Clemons as a curiosity when he travels on business; it has also become the logo of his business “Eight Legged Cat Enterprises”. The Eight Legged Cat (kitten) has one torso, but nearly every other physical feature is duplicated. It has four ears, two tails and eight legs. Clemons was house-sitting for friends when their pet cat gave birth to several healthy kittens plus a black kitten twice the size of its littermates. It suffocated during birth, but Clemons was permitted to preserve the kitten in a bottle. Some people find the preserved the Eight Legged Cat fascinating, others find it disgusting and call for it to be buried.

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    wow i never knew that a cat can have eight leggs.thiz iz so crazy

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    he ought to be able to out run any dog now

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