Sheep Drinking

Sheep Drinking from a Water Fountain

Sheep Drinking

This is a Funny picture of a Sheep Drinking from a fountain. Yes thats right Sheep get thirsty just like we do. The source of this photo is uknown. As to the credibilit of this photo being real or not, all we can say its it was taken many years ago before photoshop was around so whoever modified it did a great job!

Sheep Drinking Facts

Naturally, a constant source of potable water is also a fundamental requirement for sheep. The amount of water needed by sheep fluctuates with the season and the type and quality of the food they consume. When sheep feed on large amounts of new growth and there is precipitation (including dew, as sheep are dawn feeders), sheep need less water. When sheep drinking are confined or are eating large amounts of cured hay, more water is typically needed. Sheep also require clean water, and may refuse to drink water that is covered in scum or algae.

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