Funny Animals

  • Lime Cat

    Lime Cat

    Limecat is an internet meme featuring an angry-looking cat with a lime cut to resemble a helmet on its head.  This famous picture became a internet sensation meme with thousands of captions were added all over the internet. For some strange reason no one knows the origin of Limecat. It is either because it started on 4chan, or [...]

  • 88 Pound Bunny

    88 Pound Bunny

    88 Pound Bunny (115 Lbs) Bodmin is the bunny that won’t stop growing. At 88lbs and from Essex, England, he is likely to break the world record of 115lbs. Ralph was then the world’s current record holder. As the son of the world’s biggest bunny, it was always likely that Ralph the rabbit was going [...]

  • Don’t Shoot

    Don’t Shoot

    Don’t Shoot This poor kitty has be held up at gun point. Our poor little kitty looks cute when it holds up is little paws up high as it gives in to the demands of our evil gunman.

  • Giant Cat

    Giant Cat

    Giant Cat This is a photo taken from one of our fans of her Giant Cat. The Cat named “Oscar”.  He is a adorable pussy who likes to sleep a lot and his favorite food is chicken and prawns. Giant Cat World Record As of February 2003 a Five year old Katy, who lives in [...]

  • Pooping On People Book

    Pooping On People Book

    Funny Photo of a Pidgin reading a Pooping On People Book When you life is a Pidgin there are many simple things to do. Take a stroll in the park, hangout on some window ledges, apartment roofs. But the most sacrid activity that all Pidgin’s love to do is Poop on People. Those annoying people who always [...]

  • Old Soldier Dog

    Old Soldier Dog

    Funny Old Soldier Dog Photo I say jolly old chaps, could be be a lad and fetch me another pint of your finest larger? I’m sure thats what this Old Soldier Dog is thinking in this photo. We do feel bad for mans best friend as i’m sure drinking and smoking a pipe isnt the best for [...]

  • Monkey Business

    Monkey Business

    Now thats some Series Monkey Business Time to get to work. This monkey has a busy work schedule. At least he has taken 5 seconds from his important business call to pose for our photo. This Monkey is really series, or is it even a Monkey?

  • Mouse Video Game

    Mouse Video Game

    Mouse Video Game This is a funny picture of a mouse playing a small version of a Video Game. It looks like our mouse friend is also the winner! We are not sure who took this picture, but it was too cute to pass up so we have listed it here n odd animals. Winner [...]

  • Sheep Drinking

    Sheep Drinking

    Sheep Drinking This is a Funny picture of a Sheep Drinking from a fountain. Yes thats right Sheep get thirsty just like we do. The source of this photo is uknown. As to the credibilit of this photo being real or not, all we can say its it was taken many years ago before photoshop [...]

  • Monkey Soldier

    Monkey Soldier

    Monkey Soldier This is a Funny Photo of a Monkey dressed up as a Solider. No its not the Planet of the Apes (as they were not monkeys) It’s hard enough finding the troops to recruit to go into battle for us, so now we have to recruit mans oldest friend. So we can leave this [...]

  • Muscular Squirrel

    Muscular Squirrel

    Muscular Squirrel A Squirrel with really big muscles. Muscular Squirrel Humor Creator unknown, this was a hilarious photo of a Squirrel modified to create the impression of the animal to have really large muscles much like a bodybuilder.  This photo has become very popular around the internet.

  • Fat Squirrel

    Fat Squirrel

    Fat Squirrel The fat squirrel, the garden squirrel, and the dormouse, which, like the marmot, sleep during the winter. Of these the fat squirrel is the largest, and the dormouse the least. Several authors have confounded these three species, though they are easily distinguishable. The fat squirrel is about the size of the common squirrel, [...]