Featherless Chicken


featherless chicken

Featherless Chicken

Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel have created a mostly featherless chicken by cross breeding a broiler (which are the big, meaty ones) with a species that has a featherless neck. The idea behind the de-velopment of this ugly thang is that it will create a more ‘convenient’ and energy efficient chicken which can live in warm countries where feathered chickens don’t do well and cooling systems are too expensive to be commonly affordable.

Featherless Chicken facts

Professor Avigdor Cahaner, who led the project, defended the bird by saying, “This is not a genetically modified chicken – it comes from a natural breed whose characteristics have been known for 50 years. I am just transferring that to fast growing broiler chickens. It’s a normal chicken except for the fact it has no feathers.” The scientists also hope the new breed will grow faster because it won’t need to use energy to grow feathers and that will would also cause the chicken itself to grow larger.

The featherless chicken has so far not reached the large “broiler’ size, probably out of embarrassment. Other ‘benefits” which inspired the breeding of the chicken is energy conservation for the processing plants. Without feathers to pluck, energy would be saved and there would be no feathers to dispose of. Featherless chicken makes things easier!

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  1. jav says:

    where are your feathers?????????
    wow this will make chicken clenin much more easier

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  2. Prof. A says:

    Bloody horrifying to look at — but one can see the economic advantages. I wonder whether their skin tans in the sun or whether they have to be kept in the shade; and whether tanned chickens taste better than pale ones.

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  3. Kris NiƱo D. Ocampo says:

    my goodness.. i’ve been looking for so long to this research.. is there any protocol to de-feather the chicken aside from breeding??? is this a kind of mutation? or just a typical result offspring from normal breeding? our chickens here are suffering too much on heat stress.. please i need your responses.. Thank you and God Bless!

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  4. mogan says:


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  5. Deano says:

    Yumyum, this looks great where can I buy these

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