• Colorful Poodle

    Colorful Poodle

    Colorful Poodle When bad people happen to good animals. What was this poodle owner thinking? This is sheer cruelty and should be reported to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)! Colorful Poodle On the up side, the colorful poodle does look kinda cute.

  • Very Small Cat

    Very Small Cat

    Very Small Cat There sure are dwarf cats, but this is just one so very small cat. Is this the result of many hours of boredom and a savvy image manipulator? What do you think? Very Small Cat – A total Photoshop! Photoshop is a program made by Adobe used to manipulate images. Also a [...]

  • Very Small Monkeys

    Very Small Monkeys

    Very Small Monkeys The titchy thumb-sized pygmy marmoset monkey, named after the French word marmouset, which means shrimp, or dwarf, “They range in length from 5 to 6 inches not including the tail, which is an amazing 6 to 8 inches,” say DRB. There are 18 recorded species of marmoset and, unlike other monkeys they [...]

  • Waiting Room Pets

    Waiting Room Pets

    Waiting Room Pets Its an upside down world where dogs take their humans to see the doctor! This created photo gives us a insight into another world where mans best friend has evolved more than his stereotype master and now dominates the food chain. What we really ask ourselves from this photo is would Dog, [...]

  • Window Washing Bear

    Window Washing Bear

    Window Washing Bear Check out this crazy bear leaning off a leadge on a high rise building washing a window! Is this bear crazy or is this a total fake? About: The Window Washing Bear / Or normal bears Bears are mammals of the family Ursidae. Bears are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans, with [...]

  • Feather Duster

    Feather Duster

    Feather Duster A common parakeet which has a genetic mutation called Feather Duster. They are a very short-lived,   about 6-12 weeks. Their feathers don’t stop growing. Birds with this mutation often have vision problems due to the length of their facial feathers, and sometimes have additional congenital health issues. Feather dusters do not live [...]

  • Loin Shaved Cat

    Loin Shaved Cat

    Loin Shaved Cat A Loin Shaved Cat is a popular style for medium to long haired cats in which their entire body is shaved. The only fur left untouched is on the head, around the feet, and on the end of the tail. The result is a house cat (often a very annoyed house cat) that [...]

  • Worlds Ugliest Dog

    Worlds Ugliest Dog

    Worlds Ugliest Dog Sam, a blind Chinese Crested dog, was voted the worlds ugliest dog three times in a row, from 2003 through 2005. He died in November 2005, causing an end to his three-year reign. With a long history, the contest was already very popular, but with the 3 consecutive wins (2003-2005) by Sam [...]

  • Headless Chicken (Lived Headless for 18 months)

    Headless Chicken (Lived Headless for 18 months)

    Headless Chicken (Lived Headless for 18 months) After having its head removed, it continued trying to peck for food. In the end, it lived headless for 18 months. Headless Chicken Beheading On September 10, 1945, farmer Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, Colorado, United States, had his mother-in-law around for supper and was sent out to the [...]

  • Two Headed Python

    Two Headed Python

    Two Headed Python This strange two-headed python was discovered by a team of veterinarians at the zoo in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Both heads operate independently and have the ability to eat. The Two Headed Python snake is 25 inches and it uses its right head to control its movements, while the left follows it naturally. [...]

  • Featherless Chicken

    Featherless Chicken

    Featherless Chicken Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel have created a mostly featherless chicken by cross breeding a broiler (which are the big, meaty ones) with a species that has a featherless neck. The idea behind the de-velopment of this ugly thang is that it will create [...]

  • Toast of Batswana

    Toast of Batswana

    Toast of Batswana A sheep–goat hybrid, also the Toast of Batswana is the hybrid offspring of a sheep and a goat. Although sheep and goats seem similar and can be mated, they belong to different genera. Sheep belong to the genus Ovis and have 54 chromosomes, while goats belong to the genus Capra and have 60 [...]


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